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My homemade Rott map
(I have a harder and different one but it's so big that needs a 180x180 template, so I tried to design another ones. Believe me, that one was astonishing, but I left behind the idea, I have shots in MS PAint of this "never possible to do" map if someone want to see them, PM me).
Well, the new map I designed is hard and tricky and just a desperating labirynth. I hope to have it released as a contribuition to Diakonov's awesome future pack, I'd love to see my map in the pack, and of course, seeying you playing it. It will be great as I worked hard on it.
It's called DEUS TUUS SUM, and it's basically a giant Oscuro Firechute-like labirynth. It has a normal and a secret exit, and you'll face Snake Oscuro once you did certain things (but ha-ha forget the idea of killing Him,as there are not firepits. He's only a trap though you need to visit His lair several times).
And well, here is the entire map (made in MSPaint thanks to the Rott Goodies and some screen captures), and below,the upper three parts of the map, detailed.

Unfortunately, and even if Rotted said has no errors, WinrottGl don't let me load the map I don't know why, so I only could capture map screenshots

I'd post the following detailed parts as soon as I can.
Tell me what do you opine of my work.
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