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Re: My bonus challenge
Wow! Thanks!

You know, it's not as hard as it may seem. If you're a bit careful, it's easy. And it's not all levels where it's possible.

I'll be glad to record a video to do the bonus bonus (even though there's already someone that did it). You'll be able to see how I do the "Ground Zero Bonus" trick in Crezzy mode (however, I'll have to save my game before doing it because of its deadly nature. I hope WinRottGL can still record after loaded saved games).

Unfortunately, for now, my computer is dead (I'm using my father's computer right now). I'm gonna get a brand new computer that will support OpenGL just fine. Then, I'll do the recordings.

However, in the meanwhile, I don't have a YouTube account and apparently, it requires a Google account to be registered, and I don't want one. What can I do?
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