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Re: Rise of the Triad II
If I understand things properly, some people want a total re-make of rott
(or winrottgl) with more modern features and options, while I wouldn't be
totally against such a thing, when I started working on rott, my main goal
was to:

Fix bugs in the code (mostly done)
Provide hi-res/opengl support (done)
Update the audio code to sound better and provide at least some support
for other formats (done)
Generally enhance the game with extra menu options (done)

The only official thing left that really needs to get done is proper
network play (not done).


If all the other things that's been mentioned were done, I think winrottgl
would lose it's feel, it would be a totally different game in a way even
if you kept the original maps in place, but at the same time, it would
be interesting to see a rott re-make with all this new stuff.

Download Winrott here:

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