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Re: Rise of the Triad II
Well, I haven't finished up enemy and item placement yet so I don't want to do a closed testing, but this is the map in its entirety. I think it's too cramped, really.

Originally Posted by Per_Scan View Post
What editor do you use for ROTT? I've had a look around for Birger's 3D Editor but it seems to have disappeared from the interwebs
Birger is a cool story bro, but I've never really cared for his 3D Editor. It's pretty experimental - crashes periodically on my computer, and the control scheme is quite unnatural compared to those used in Doom Builder and Wolf3D's ChaosEdit, and it's crashed periodically on me. Grab Rotted 1.1 from the 3D Realms site! It takes a while to get used to it, but the included help file has a tutorial that should get you acquainted with how to set up most of the game's objects.
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