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Re: My expansion pack for ROTT
Warm Fear will feature moving walls that are glowing hot. Maybe it will also have some rooms with glowing walls that hurt you when you hit them.

I'm doing the 4th episode, but lavawalls will be better suitable in an equivalent of 5th episode. The 4th episode is a monastery. But the 5th will be the hell itself. So, being the hell, it will have lots of rooms with lavawalls. The first level of 5th episode you will go down to hell, through a ladder of flying GADS. This will be the most interesting feature in this level. It will also feature lavaholes in the 5th episode.

In the 7th level of 4th episode, you will battle with Oscuro in its human form. But in the 5th episode you will seek him in a level equivalent of area 7, according to my plans (such as Canyon Chase).

Maybe there will be an equivalent of 6th episode, and in its end you will fight oscuro snake. The sixth episode will be... I still don't know... maybe a continuation of hell. Or maybe I will end in 5th episode at all. After all, what else could be done after hell itself, using ROTT graphics?

There's also a level with fun name: Dangerous Danger (it's very dangerous indeed, full of tricks, big and boring). One of the most difficult levels. It could be in the 5th episode, but it lacks lavawalls (although its a dark level). And it also don't have monks (that will only have in 4th and 5th episodes).

Until now, here's the levels I made so far for 4th episode:

E4A1: Monastery
E4A2: Toxic Waste
E4A3: Powerup Traps
E4A4: Fence World
E4A5: Warm fear (the level I'm doing now)

The next level... maybe it will be the level made by MagusElOscuro. Or Maybe it will be the 7th level... but with Oscuro in its human form and a bigger room in the upper part of the map, so I can fight with him.

Yes, the level of MagusElOscuro will be the 7th. The sixth level I still don't know, but I'm planning to make it a bit claustrophibic, dark and featuring monastery walls. Maybe it will be a huge monastery chamber. Or it will be the secret 8th level? I still have to plan better.
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