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Re: My expansion pack for ROTT
Surprise! I finished Deus Tuss Sum! I finished the boss level! I took only about 8 minutes to play it, despite the huge areas and many enemies. It's because I made the level for you to use the Excalibat (because the rooms are huge), such as Warm Fear. In the boss room, there are 3 oscuros (the other 2 are if they were clones of the original). You have to avoid the 3 oscuros! Also the room is filled with monks of both types. And there are many of them.

The next levels will be as it they were the fifth episode, where you find itself in hell. Later, after making all these levels, I'll do a level similar to Canyon Chase and The Dark Nest, but both will be somewhat different from the original.

Maybe I'll make warp only levels. To finish the 4th episode, it only lasts the secret level, which I still don't have ideas how i'll make it.

But as you see, the progress is in charge.
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