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Re: My expansion pack for ROTT
I've finished Triad City. I don't know now if I'll make the next level or continue to do the 1st level of "5th" episode. Maybe I'll continue with that map, finish the "5th" episode and then do the last two levels.

Or maybe I'll do the next level (because you could seek Oscuro and then, in the next level (5th episode) you find yourself in hell (this would be good indeed). The level similar to The Dark Nest, in this case, would be done much later.

Because there's nothing more than hell to go, maybe the 5th episode will be bigger than the other 4 episodes (more than 8 levels). The levels of 5th episode will have a hellish aspect and you will have to be careful about touching walls.

The first level of 5th episode will be The Dark Entrace. The next level will be Welcome to Hell!!! Some levels will be in hellish caves. And this will be the first and only episode to have lava in the floor.

In some levels, you will have to find abestos armor in order to pass some rooms filled with lava (an idea similar to some levels in which you have to use bulletproof armor in order to pass through a room filled with turrets).
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