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Re: My expansion pack for ROTT
Well, I did some levels in a week in total. I've stopped developing this pack of levels for some months due to personal problems. If it was not for that, I would have finished before.

I'm starting to make a new level, Hellish Cave. It take some time to do levels because they tend to be big, lots of details and have to be tested in order to be playable. Some levels are somewhat more simples, but some have much detail.

Well, if you want a good game, you have to take more time to finish your project, right? I don't want to do tiny and simple levels. My levels were made to play at least 10 minutes per level. So you will take much time to finish ROTT, much more than Darkwar or Extreme.

And also I will have to revise some previous levels to make them better in some details. There's a level that I only put one texture wall for most of it! No, I want better looking maps.

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But maybe the extra and warp-only levels will be smaller and faster to finish them. They will only be experiments for fun.
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