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Re: My expansion pack for ROTT
I didn't do what I promised for the Hellish Cave, a room full of lava in which you have to find an armor in order to pass through it. But I'm sure that I'll make it for another level, maybe the next. I finished Hellish Caves.

But in compensation there's a room that you have to press switches in order to make a wall to move, but this will also kill the enemies in the trap I did. It's the most fun room, I think. Seeing enemies being killed by sparks!!!

I called it Hellish Caves because all rooms have glowing hot walls mixed with cave wall textures and the level has ceiling and it's very dark, looking like a cave, somewhat.

The next level will be Insane Nightmare. This level will be as difficult as Dangerous Danger, it will be in the same style, but maybe harder, due to the lava walls and lava pits. This level will be a mixture of Welcome to Hell with Dangerous Danger, a level of the second episode.
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