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Re: My expansion pack for ROTT
Pandemonium finished. Guys, this level is FUN! It's based in many huge areas with lots of enemies! It not only have excalibat, but also firebombs in some rooms. There's a room in which you have to choose one of the 2 elevators. In one elevator, well, you will DIE, because it will lead you to a room with 8 NME.

The other elevator will lead you to the last room... the biggest one, with lots of enforcers, fire monks and... 2 NME. And in this room you won't get any explosive. You will only have to run away from enemies and NME.

In the best chance, you will have to push a switch in the middle of this room, that will move some walls and then, the exit, that will lead you to the last level, where you will finally fight against the snake boss.

Think of this this level as an area with many guardians that protect the boss snake against you. That snake boss is very well protected, so be careful.

If you play the entire pack in crazy man difficulty, you can beat the levels, but you will have many problems with it.

I still don't know the name of the last level, and also I'll have to make the secret level, and also some extra levels, including some warp-only levels.
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