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Re: My expansion pack for ROTT
I wanted to do this now, but I still have to study. I had time to finish a level, but not to focus on making screenshots. because this will take a longer time.

Until now, I made in total 40 levels. It would be 41 if I made the last level of the game, that I'll do this time. But there will be more, a secret level of the "fifth" episode and a secret episode.

I'm planning to make these extra levels smaller and more simple, and with features not explored in the other levels I made so far, just for fun.

The secret level, Glitch Massacre, will have a feature of flying furnitures and will have many rooms with empty walls, like Secret Floating Base.

One thing that lack in all levels I made is a feature unique to this game, that are masked walls in which enemies shoot at you without been seen. I'm planning to do this in some of the extra levels. I'm planning to do a level full of these masked walls. A level similar to Too Tall (of shareware episode) would be also good.
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