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Re: ROTT - The Hires texturing begins.
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Well. It's not unlikely if he is still interested, but as far as the project was concerned... We don't even know if he likes ROTT still, and if he isn't I wouldn't want to nudge him into working on this again. The last update was a long time ago, so one could assume he lost interest.
You can also see from this thread that he lost some work and said he had restarted, and there was no response from anyone in the community after that. Its pretty hard to work on something no matter how much you like it if no one is going to use it. Same was said for Birgers Editor. He still wanted to work on it but no one had showed any interest, and because of that he stopped work on it. The same situation may apply to Stinger here. Once he said he had restarted no one at all responded until quite some time. Just saying that there's still a few people interested in it can actually go quite a ways.

But as you told me on the other forum, I understand you reasoning for not wanting to bother him about it. If not bothering him about this is your wish, I will respect that.
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