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Re: My bonus challenge
Are you talking about the FM hit trick or the challenge?

If it's about the challenge, sure, I can, but like I said, this is not the problem. If I do the "FW hit through exit gate" trick, I start the next level without any weapons until I die, preventing me to do the level correctly. It also brings another problem: if I die on the new level without doing a saved game, I restart the actual level with a pistol, which could make the challenge even harder and perhaps sometimes impossible.

I'll try again to figure out a possible solution.

If it's about to simply show the trick, I'll simply do it through my challenge.

EDIT: Okay, I guess I have a solution. I just need to do some cheats to return back to normal after the bug occurs:
PANIC - To get back the weapons
JOHNWOO - For the extra pistol
PLUGEM - For the MP40 machine gun
BONES - To get back the FW, then I just need to shoot one or more missiles to get back to normal
REEN - To restart the level

And hey, presto, nothing happened!
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