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Re: Would it be possible to "port" Doom to RoTT?
It only says there that
It utilized a hybrid engine that was created by Id Software's John Carmack as a successor of the Wolfenstein 3-D technology and the predecessor of the Doom engine.
In fact, more info can be found at Wikipedia:

The ShadowCaster game engine, a successor of the Wolfenstein 3D and a predecessor of the Doom technology,[1] was written by id Software's John Carmack and licensed to Raven Software.[2] Carmack wrote the ShadowCaster 3D engine during his technology research after id completed Wolfenstein 3D.[2][3] The engine features diminished lighting, texture mapped floors and ceilings, walls with variable heights and sloped floors.[2] The engine was "about half as fast as that of Wolfenstein"[2] but fit the exploration of ShadowCaster rather than the fast paced action of Doom.
Yet still I'm at loss about whether the two versions of the original Wolf 3-D engine are separate branches or are based one upon another. Also, the Blake Stone version of the engine also fits somewhere in between.

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For example, levels that have both indoor and outdoor areas, although indoor areas can be "simulated" on an outdoor map with either very high walls so that the ceiling (or rather, its absence) is never in the player's view, or with the catwalks, although I think they also have some placement limitations (I don't remember catwalks that would be more than one tile wide, although I'm not 100% sure on this).
I just realized the obvious: you can use GADs to create ceilings and generally ROR environments of any desired size
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