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Re: JBailey,The Tiles I want to add for my maps.
Eeer...where to begin? First of all, the XWE is not an aid for me, totally the opposite, as I only can use it to view the items, textures, etc. I've not a single idea of how it works, and I can't understand a single piece of it. I tried to copy and paste a Sprite (you see how "difficult" the operation was), and it got blurry and with a freaking appearance in orange-ish hue. So I think this is the last time I use that tool. And its help menu does not "help" at all, unless you're a programmer. For me it's like if it was talking to me in chinese.

I'm gonna give a try to that R3Dedit. (is this one the Doom editor you were talking? because that DeePsea is not freeware...). I'll let you know if it helped me...but I'm not too optimist about....But hey, even if I get the DDFire Monks' Sprites do I manage to make them shoot KES instead of reg fireballs?

Oh, and talking about Source Code. Where is supposed to be the Source Code of the editors? I haven't found any file about that. I've got the ROTT's Source Code and it's like an idle in the file. In other words, I haven't used it for absolutely nothing.
And more important. What should I do with that Editors' Codes? Is that also a difficult uncomprehensible task such as all the work I've tried before?

I've "tried" it....a joke. It doesn't open. Gives an error. So I deleted it.
Thanks for the help, anyway.
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