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Re: Need help with Return Of The Triad
XWE ruined my Darkwar WAD File (thanks it was a copy I made for save the original), so I don't wanna know absolutely nothing of it anymore. I got the Slade3 in the original site, as your link led me, but I think I should ask you: will this let me build full huge maps like Doombuilder does? I ask this as I've never used Slade (neither Doombuilder). I mean, the custom maps I can make thanks to the stuff provided by El Zee in each Return Of The Triad copy, to make your own maps? He said he used Slade and Doombuilder. Can I build full maps (like this TC's ones) with Slade3, then? I mean, if it's a Doom Editor, it should let me, right? Thanks for the link, BTW.
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