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Question Nuclear Winter HRP
There is another critical issue with the NWHRP. With the release of the 32-Bit SOB-BOT, I was thinking about requesting a feature which changes Duke to Santa with art that is included in Nuclear Winter for Dukematch\Santamatch. However, somebody (most likely me) would have to write UnDEF code for the incomplete art. The art is incomplete in the fact that the tiles replaced for Nuclear Winter are still there in their normal form, except for Duke\Santa.

Please take a poll on the subject for your opinion on what should be done.

A. Keep Duke in Dukematch
B. Put Santa in Dukematch (Santamatch) with non-Nuclear Winter art
C. Put Santa in Dukematch (Santamatch) with Nuclear Winter art (will require art editing, possibly infringing copyright) and make an IPS patch to patch the art
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