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The Portal Wrench!
(branched from this thread)

Originally created by forum member Sars, extended by me, this mod changes the wrench's alt-fire so that you can spawn two portals at any two arbitrary locations.

To install, make a folder named "script" (w/o quotes) inside your 'base' folder, then extract the .zip into there. Double-click the "Prey Modded" shortcut to start it.

To use, select the wrench weapon (usually number 1), then use alt-fire to set the location of the first portal. It'll be set silently. Then go to where you want the second portal and press alt-fire again. The two portals will then open up, where you can travel/shoot through at your leisure.

There's also the possibility of opening up multiple pairs of portals. Each pair is associated with someone's nickname, so you could open multiple portals by changing your name mid-game. A quick way to do this would be to bring down the Console (ctrl+alt+~ usually), and type: ui_name "NewNickName"

After changing your name, switch to another weapon then back to the wrench. The wrench will then be working on your new name. To close portals from previous names, change your name back to the name you used to create those old portals, re-select the wrench, then alt-fire.

The only real problem is that portals won't always be banked/rolled correctly. Other than that, I can't find any major problems.

Have fun. And thank you Sars for writing the original code in the first place.
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