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Re: **Map Beta Release**
2)Remove the logs and firepit. You can't run directly through them and they get you stuck up on them. The guy I played it with got stuck on both while chasing me down.

3)The rocket launcher isn't impossible to get but jumping over to it can easily be screwed up. The rock that you put there makes it so you have to jump onto it and then from that rock over. I would just remove the rock and elevate the landscape in that one spot.

4)I am sure you know about this and are taking it out.

All in all its a great little map thats got the potential to be a great map for competition. I loved playing on it.

If you want to run through it sometime and see how it plays in an actual game, my clan and I organize scrims/pick up games almost every night. We can play it one night with you. If you are interested contact me on Xfire under the SN of giners or hit me up on IRC at #teameu on
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