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Re: **Map Beta Release**
This is very much a "working version" !

I dont know this editor and if it has ability to cull or use anti portal or zoning to reduce rendering troubles? I really only know Unreal ed and a tad bit on Seriuos sam so I hope I can get into this one soon.

I ran this on my server and got the map to clients from the redirect set up by Bummerman and I thought it played just as good as all the other stock maps. No complaints from players and we played it at least 6 times or more.

Just some rendering issues is all to make it more optimal and like I said I dont know this editor at all.

Very nice first custom map SP remake though to set the stage for more to come I hope!

GOOD WORK MAX, and I hope you got time to do another SP conversion or even one from scratch!

"Circus for Noobs" That my server BTW I just run it sometimes but definately will use it to test the new stuff! I am player "The Noob" LOL
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