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Re: How do i use build?
Originally Posted by mikenet2005
Are you using se 13 explosion sector sprites? Or are you simply placing c-9 sprites in the sector you want demolished?

Also keep in mind these things

If that sector I see seperating those two rooms is either a floor dragged to the cieling, or a cieling dragged to the all the way to the floor than this effect wont work. If you want to blow the whole wall out try not raising anything. As long as a se13 sprite is located in the sector or sectors you want to blow out the game engine will render maskible walls to fill that sector automaticaly once in the game.

Also you need a trigger of some kind in the form of a touchplate, a switch, or a crack on the wall if you plan to shoot it out.

Lastly if I were you I wouldnt worry about the thin sector in front of your wall just yet because it isnt always nessesary. After you get it working you can optionally add one of these to cover up any texture alingnment issues above or below the blown out hole.

Let me know if you have anymore questions about it, i've worked with explosives in duke3d a great deal.
I know how to use explosions, because in this map the environment is very destructable, I just don't know how to do this one
but I do realy want it in the map, so it could make it less linear
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