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Re: How do i use build?
The method devox mention should work fine, I think there is another default way but I've never attempted it. I have made rise and drop sectors many times though so I beleive this method should do you just fine. Like davox said place a se 31,0 sprite with the tail facing down at the height you want the sector to be before it falls. Make sure the sector itself is currently at the point it will be after it falls.

Other notes

when you place a speed sprite in the sector its going to need a lowtag of at least 900 to look good but thats a guess it could be alot more.

Make sure the effect can only be triggered once. Like if your using a touchplate put a 1 as the hitag.

This is just the basic setup used for an elevator or trap door typically so you will need to link the switch to an explosive or quake se, in order to get the rumble effect and make it look good.
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