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Re: DOSBox 0.70
Thanks a lot! Finally the audio in Lameduke works right!
But it crashed when I tried to run it in SVGA mode. I attached a screenshot of the error it generated, I hope it will be useful to you. And I also hope it is an error you can fix (=it's not an error in Lameduke)

I BYPASSED THE CRASH!!! There must be something wrong in MYDEMO_0.DMO, so when Duke switches on his jetpack, the game crashes. I just renamed MYDEMO_0.DMO to MYDEMO_1.DMO and MYDEMO_1.DMO to MYDEMO_0.DMO, so now Lameduke works in SVGA mode!!! FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I CAN PLAY LAMEDUKE IN SVGA!!!
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