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Re: The Jace Hall DNF Footage Thread
Originally Posted by MrGfire View Post
its sounds like he really enyoed DNF, "Its really a Duke game". And I really like the sound of that!
I don't doubt it. He sat down and actually played the game for I don't know how long.

We've only seen a couple seconds of quick shots being filmed by a camera looking at a computer monitor. Plus it was from a part in the bowels of the Hover Dam.

Hard to get a real feel from it. I do think it looks more like an Unreal engine game than Prey, though the Octabrain part from the teaser gave me that 'Prey' vibe.

I loved the comment/no comment at the end.

There were somethings I didn't like, but as George said, things have been changed since then and certain things I highly doubt would have been final (like the thin, stretched, flat look of The Ripper).
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