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Re: Take Two Sues 3D Realms :O
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The suit isn't going to start for another year, and T2 are seeking an order to prevent 3dR from altering the game until the end of the suit - at which point the game may belong to T2 and no longer 3dR. So, from that point, T2 would have to pick up development on the game themselves and with their own team. Training the team and getting them familiar with the project will take time, as will development once they are able to work smoothly with it. You probably won't be seeing DNF for at least another 2 years if Take-Two are successful with this suit, and by that point it will be a bargain-bin title due to very outdated graphics.

If 3dR finished development on their own (had they the funds), they would be finished in under a year - according to all recent information that has come to light.
God thats pretty depressing.
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