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Re: Need help with Return Of The Triad
Wait a moment, I still have a doubt. I cannot make maps such as the ones in Return Of The Triad, with different wall shapes, such as cut walls present in the TC (I mean: original ROTT walls, modified with part/s of other ROTT Walls), right? But can I use Slade2/3 to make the maps in classic ROTT style, I mean, only one Floor Tile, box-like rooms, classical walls' environment...? such as with ROTTMD? Then, play them with th ROTT tc tool.
If the answer is yes, I can build in it my huge maps without any problem, considering the amount of things Doom maps have over ROTT, not to mention their size is bigger. Do you have an answer for this? I think if Slade can support Doom maps, it should support ROTT maps, which can have much less items or stuff in general.
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