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No, I was being serious.
Even if the science is over the top and fanciful in it's own way, people are more likely to accept it because it is science. It's grounded in a sense of reality.

Where as with magic we just have to accept it because... it's magic.
It's part of the reason I have issue with The Avengers. They did a great job crafting a grounded, realistic Iron Man in the first film. Making it seem almost plausible. The second stretched it a bit too far at times... but tried to stay with the "real world, it's science" aspect.

And then The Avengers comes in, takes this grounded Iron Man, and throws him in the same ring as alternate dimensional Gods with almost magical powers and aliens... and it just didn't mesh IMO.

It would've been like if they had taken Nolan's Batman series, which had been built completely on the concept of a grounded, realistic(ish) world... and thrown in Solomon Grundy or Clayface. They would've stood out horribly.
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