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Question Re: Tutorials and resources thread (Bullet point #1?)
Originally Posted by Parkar View Post
I thought we already had a tutorial thread but could not find it. I guess the vague memory I have of seeing tutorials posted is from some other thread.

So the basic idea of this thread is to post tutorial and resource links or your own tutorials and resources. If you have posted things like sdk's or tutorials in other threads please repost them here so they can be easily found. Also make sure what you post is not already posted to avoid having the same stuff posted multiple times.

Lets keep discussions out of this thread so the purpose of this thread does not drown in them. Just make a new thread if you want to discuss something posted here with a proper subject line. Not sure if it would be better to make a discussion thread for discussing things posted here or just make a new thread for each discussion.

A short list of things that would fit into this thread
  • Tutorials on modeling, texturing, writing def code or anything else related to the sourcecode ports.
  • Links to usefull software
  • md3, md2 Plugins
  • Links to texturesites
  • Any model or texture source files that could be usefull for others like textures that is used as parts of other textures etc.
  • Anything else that could be a usefull resource.

Edit: I think we should keep non related stuff split up in different posts and make the subject of each post contain the category of the stuff posted to make the thread easier to search incase it grows big. So if your post contains tutorials make the subject start with Tutorials and if it contains plugins make the subject start with Plugins.

I sugest using these categories, Make sure you spell them exactly the same.
  • Tutorials
  • Tools
  • Plugins
  • SDK
  • Textures
  • Other

SDK would be any source files or highres versions of textures and/or models. Textures would be generic textures taht can be used while making textures/skins.

P.S, I will be posting a pretty big post with the usual stuff so wait for me to post that before posting stuff or we are likely going to end up posting the same stuff twice or more.
Please forgive me if there is a texturing tutorial someplace that I am not aware of. I am looking for some help as I am new and want to learn. I would like to know if someone has posted a beginner's guide with basic info like the acceptable image formats, how to import art into HRP, and how to create animation sequences. I have searched the forum and also browsed the HRP wiki, which has nothing in the texture tutorial section. Your help is appreciated.
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