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JBailey,The Tiles I want to add for my maps.
Hi. This is a thread I've said I would post, to get the help I need to include this stuff for my maps. It was mainly for JBailey, as I told him time before opening this post, but everyone of you who know how to help me is, of course, welcome .
Well, the matter is, I need to include all of these (or at least my favorites of them) Background Tiles, and this Foreground Tile (this YES, I need to include it, not like the Wall Tiles, this YES). Feel free to help me. Well, here's a picture of the Sprites of Background Tiles and the Foreground Tile I need to add:

The unused mysterious ROTT Wall Tiles are now Blank Tiles in ROTTMD, but time before, I could select them (though I've never seen them in game, with exception of Return Of The Triad's Episode 1, which also used them). As you've seen, ALL Tiles already exist, so it's not a matter of creating them or drawing them; but of include them in the Editors (I mean, in the Editors (as ROTTMD) exist alot of Blank Tiles, I think it's possible to put there new ones, right? I've heard that alot of times)
If you need a bigger pic for the Wall Tiles, I've got all of them in bigger size.
Remember to explain it well, so I can understand it, I haven't got a single idea of programming, as I've said a thousand times. Thanks, before all, and feel free to answer.
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