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Re: The Prey 2 Thread
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Yep. It's a rehearsed statement. He didn't touch on any of the serious allegations like the hostile takeover or developer strike. This whole thing stinks.

Edit check out this Arkane response:
They don't share the same message as Pete Hines. It seems likely that Arkane will be rebooting Prey 2, and Hines and co. are getting around the issue by taking the game in an entirely different direction.
Rock Paper Shotgun/ Kotaku reports that what Bethesda said is pretty much bullshit and leaked emails have pretty much confirmed that Arkane Austin have been working on Prey 2 since May.
Here we go folks... The rarest creature in nature... The Duketard. I will now approach him very quitely and... Jam my thumb in his butt hole. That should REALLY piss him off!.
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