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Re: The Prey 2 Thread
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"Originally Tommy was the bounty hunter in Prey 2. Then Bethesda said to get rid of him because they believed Tommy wasn't a protagonist the majority of players would relate to since he was Native American.
Bethesda can go f*** itself. I thought Tommy was a GREAT protagonist, and most of his charisma actually came from being Native American, which is something you practically never see in movies or games!
Something that makes me even angrier is that Prey 2 is in this situation because of DNF. Or should I say, because of the insistence of 3DRealms to develop DNF internally. They wanted developers to keep working on DNF, but they had to pay them, so they sold their most solid IPs (Max Payne and Prey) to get money. So they got the money and paid the developers of DNF for some more years, which was the same as flushing it down the toilet, considering how in the end they had to admit that they were completely incapable to develop it internally and give the rights to Gearbox.
George said "If DNF is not out in 2001, something's very wrong." Had he admitted it in 2002 and commissioned its development to an external studio, we would've probably got DNF in 2003, Prey in 2006 as we actually did, Prey 2 in 2010 or so (with Tommy as the main character) and now we would be waiting for Prey 3!
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