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Re: Alphas/Betas, When will they be released?
Originally Posted by Damien_Azreal View Post
It's not exactly what one could/would call an openly friendly or welcoming community.
Normally I would agree with you on this, but this particular situation had rather extreme circumstances that basically even caused me some irritation... which takes great effort.

It is my opinion that the Duke4 community was a little too tolerant in this case. For me personally, this ended up reaching outside the forum world and into "IRL". This is a "not cool" situation for me.

Not trying to be a pee pee head, just saying this is not a typical case even for Duke4.

It is way sad how it all went with the Alpha/Beta rights... few saw it coming, kind of like the Duke Nukem Forever situation. Blame really doesn't matter to me much, it just is what happened. Directing of blame isn't going to change anything, so I just chalk it up as another bad day for Duke Nukem fans.

On a positive note... at least a few people outside of the original 3D Realms crew got to see what might have been. That must have been really cool. I am happy for them.

YES! I do wear my Duke Xtreme t-shirt every day!* :)

*(Not really, sometimes I wear my Time to Kill t-shirt... like while I am washing my other Duke shirts for instance.)
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