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I have the latest SWP port installed with the sw_hrp. if i look up or down too fast there is some sorta mouse lag. It's bad enough that it make the game unplayable. Any ideas how to fix this?
I also noticed this recently and in my case it turned out to be a FlashVideo Converter that I had installed together with an FLV Player.
As soon as I uninstalled these 2 items the lag dissapeared.
When I have some time I'll look into it and see why it does this.

** Edit **
Strange, I've just gone an re-installed the suspected FLV, DivX and other files but it had no effect on the mouse smoothness.
I even tried a reboot but my mouse is as smooth as any other game.
Others have been in the same boat as you and its some application that clashes with SWP.
On another forum as soon as the guy re-installed Windows Xp he never had the problem again.
So unless I can have the problem actually happening on my PC, there is no way I can make a fix for it
What you can try is go into the 'Game Options' menu and set 'Auto Save Game' to 'OFF' and see what happens.
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