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A few doubts about gas traps in ROTT maps
Hi everyone in here. So I'm making a pack of monster maps (literally. Think EROTT tricks in huge Dark War-like maps), and one of them (E1A2) has a nice feature: since the beginning of the map, you'll see gas grates in every room of the level. You'll also notice there are a few gas masks spread here and there...if I were you I won't waste them. The name of the level itself, A Monumental Failure, comes from this. Why? Because once you've beaten the 90% of the level, you'll step on a touchplate....and every gas grate in the level will release gas. So it's a matter of getting health items and gas masks until you find the switch to turn off the gas, and this can be the failure the name of the level portraits: you've done all the work, and suddenly all the "harmless" grates of the floor punch you right in your balls and kill you. Of course, the gas' touchplate HAS TO BE ACTIVATED, because it also triggers needed events to advance until the find of Oscuro Key, which will allow you to open the last door harboring the level's exit.

So the question is how can I make the gas be activated by one touchplate, having to activate another to turn off the gas?.I cannot find the way , and I'm thinking the gas only works in a certain period of time exclusively, and you cannot make it to work in this way: you turn off the touchplate, gas releases, then, search for the other touchplate/switch to turn gas off. Is there any way of making this? It's a pity, because this feature will be killer for my map. I also thought in put the gas to begin once you've spent alot of time to solve the puzzle of the map, before gas begins. Having to solve the level before a certain time is wasted (in this case, I won't put gas masks, for sure, and so the challenge will be tougher). Unfortunately, I can't find a way to make gas a timed event, or I don't know if it cannot work in this way. The help file of the editors don't tell you anything about, so I saw the known levels with gas: Great Halls Of Fire and Fire And Brimstone (Dark War) and 95 Windows & The Grand Vomitorium (EROTT); but all of these maps seem to have the gas only as a trap to work only for a certain little time.
Well, and you've the question above. Can someone help me in here? I need the gas trap to work in that way, or it will be useless. The better for my map, the way of: you activate gas by one touchplate, you've to search another to turn gas off. But if it's not possible, the second way: gas activates after a certain period of time.
Thanks and regards.
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