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Thumbs up Please continue to release classics on
I realize 3D Realms may not be as interested in bringing games to GOG as they might be in promoting via their own store, but I believe there are still fans who would like the ability to continue their collections on their GOG accounts, support GOG by buying games on that store, or other reasons.

I don't know what the situation with the publishing rights is (why games like Wolf3D haven't shown up already), but if possible please continue to bring games like the Commander Keen titles, Death Rally, Wolfenstein 3D, the DOS version of Raptor, etc.

On the GOG wishlist, Wolf3D has 5700+ votes, the Keen games have 2,000+ votes, and Death Rally has nearly 700 votes.

Likewise it would be nice to see some more freeware games on GOG's site, specifically Bio Menace and Alien Carnage.

Again, I know the games are easily purchasable here and DRM-free, but please consider continuing to bring them to
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