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Re: Please continue to release classics on
Originally Posted by Lunick Fiore View Post
Duke Nukem 2 has the Sunglasses everywhere except GOG and Manhattan Project has the updated launcher everywhere except GOG.
Yeah, OK, I forgot about Interceptor changing the glasses. My guess is because the GOG deal was with Apogee Software LLC, and they made the deal before Interceptor/Apogee Ltd-3DR did their thing and retconned the glasses into Duke II.

But my point remains. the GAMES are the same. A game launcher isn't the same thing to me.

Besides, 3D Realms has been selling these games DRM FREE since 2009. I know, because I built the installs. They were always for sale direct from 3D Realms from 2009 to this day. Nothing has changed, really.

I understand the attraction of wanting them in Steam with your other games. But to claim that GOG was the first to sell them DRM free is wrong. 3DR's been doing it for a long time now.
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