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Re: ROTT: The world's most ludicrous shooter has returned!
Originally Posted by KO Gilligan View Post
Turn your brightness up and deal with it. It's inevitabe that it will be dark and gritty.

I'd bet it's going to be alot better than some of the games you've played over the last couple years - I'm thinking it'll look a bit like Painkiller.
Yeah, Rise of the Triad was dark and gritty. The original ran the gamut from dark and dim (and boring) to colorful and bright. Or did you not play Rise of the Triad? I didn't have to adjust my brightness at all. The only reason it is inevitable, as you say, is because fresch's vision calls for dark and gritty; just like how Duke Nukem 3D Reloaded was supposed to be dark and gritty and that is what made it look awful.

I have a felling it is going to be one of the worst games I've played over the last few years because 1) UT3 sucked and this looks like it plays like UT3, 2) Painkiller wasn't fun for me at all, rather it was dull and boring and nothing like classic FPS games, in fact I think Painkiller is an overrated pile of garbage, and 3) a project run by fresch is destined for failure like the previous attempts (all of which looked terrible).
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