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How versatile is UT2k4 for modding?
I'm currently trying to get all the info I can, and weighing the pros and cons of the 3 major FPS engines, Quake, UT, and Doom3.

Based on popularity and performance alone, I'm tending towards UT right now, but knowing the UT games are designed with a very limited singleplayer experience, I don't know if it can do any of the fancy tricks I need it to. Does UT support triggered events? By this I mean quakes, explosions, keypads, keys for doors, cinematic cutscenes, non-agressive characters, etc. My mod will have a story and world as rich and interactive as Prey, and I want to know fore sure that UT is capable of this. Unless they just decided to include these features for the modders, I couldn't see them being in a game that is meant to be 99% online deathmatch play.
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