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Re: How versatile is UT2k4 for modding?
Yes, it is very much capable of doing that.

Triggered events is easy to set up and in many cases you don't need to do any scripting at all.

Keep in mind that since not a whole lot of stuff used in single player is there you may have to write more code your self compared to doom3. There is already ai about as capable as the ai in doom3 so that should not be a problem. Expect to write a lot of code but in the end that's true no matter which one you chose.

Also you can save progress in UT even though it's not used by the game. It was added in a patch for single player mods IIRC.

If I were in your position I would pick UT as but thats mostly because I have most experience using that engine and I would probably be aming at ue3(ut2007) or DNF and just use UT2004 for prototyping.
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