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Re: Changes in UnrealEd 3.0 from UnrealEd 2.0?
Sweet, so I guess that the book is actually written by the same people that did the Buzz3D videos as well, so seems like they should follow hand-in-hand in the same order of lessons between them... Unfortunately, it seems like Vista x64 may be the issue, but the DivX lessons only seem to play audio, I don't see any video at all. I'm even wondering if the DivX player that Epic/Atari included would even be 100% compatible w/ Vista at all here. Hmm...

EDIT: N/m, just had to d/l v6.8 off of DivX's website, now I see video along with the audio. Thanks. I'll be sure to look through everything. So far, I'm quite sure that if I've used Hammer/Source, UnrealEd probably might not be too overwhelming, just so long as I know that it's carving out of solid mass (UT2004), as opposed to carving in a void (UT3 and Source, too, probably), I'll be okay.
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