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Re: ROTT: The world's most ludicrous shooter has returned!
I have really serious doubts about this game - mostly because it is done by Fresch. I have nothing against him - he was working on DN3DR I haven't seen all videos yet but like Reloaded new ROTT I see very little AI, very simple enemy movement, little interaction with the enviroment, game has strange "dead" feeling into it. Old ROTT was this outlandish abnoxious crazy game - this seems like RCTW with bit funnier weapons.

I know game is somethin like 55% complete (I believe it is even less) but I worry about programming side of it. I worry they won't be able to complete the game. I worry they will either wear off or Scott will just pull the plug.

But really I would prefer to remake Shadow Warrior - game much better than Duke Nukem, harder, faster, funnier and whackier. Or remake Wacky Wheels - Mario Karts suck my cucumber
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