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Re: ROTT: The world's most ludicrous shooter has returned!
Turn your brightness up and deal with it. It's inevitabe that it will be dark and gritty.

I'd bet it's going to be alot better than some of the games you've played over the last couple years - I'm thinking it'll look a bit like Painkiller.


Originally Posted by pjVgt View Post
I know game is somethin like 55% complete (I believe it is even less) but I worry about programming side of it. I worry they won't be able to complete the game. I worry they will either wear off or Scott will just pull the plug.
This is my biggest worry - a new entry into the vaporware awards. Who's money is driving this thing, and what's the likelyhood they have enough to go all the way without doing an 11th hour pitch to Take2 or something?
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