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Re: ROTT: The world's most ludicrous shooter has returned!
Originally Posted by KO Gilligan View Post
This is my biggest worry - a new entry into the vaporware awards. Who's money is driving this thing, and what's the likelyhood they have enough to go all the way without doing an 11th hour pitch to Take2 or something?
That is good question, my guess would be Apogee Software considering that they are the publishers but where did they get the money? its not like Apogee would be rolling in money, i think the only games they have released is the Apogee legacy pack on GOG, iPhone port of ROTT and DN: Critical Mass.

Im also guessing that they also have a few private investors who will get a cut in the profits when released.

As for me personally, i dont care what it looks like, dark and gritty or sunshine and rainbows, i will be buying it.
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