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Re: JBailey,The Tiles I want to add for my maps.
Originally Posted by jbailey View Post
I haven't messed around with doombuilder in quite a while, the version I have is
probably out of date, but it might do what you are asking. I've asked birger for
the source code to his current editor, but so far, he has said no.
But if I import the Tiles to ROTT3Deditor as saved Doom WADs, they should then work, right? Or at least this option is for this, no? If not, why is it included?
Well, I will try to get Doombuilder and tell you if it helps. I hope yes.
I've seen maps in ROTTpository that include things which are NOT in Darkwar/Extreme. And there has got to be a way to do that, considering they used the ROTT Editors.
A salute.
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