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Re: The future of this forum...
Look, I dont know anything about code, you know that. But this latest news that 3D Realms is folding is somewhat of a shock. I don't know if another studio would pick up DNF, but I would like to think so. Mabey Take-2?

But if not, I was thinking nobody is more qualified to do DNF, than the Eduke and HRP teams. Hell, why not make it with "Build" and include HRP so it is true 3D? There is no limit to Build anyway. The gameplay is already there. All that would be needed is all new models and textures, and of course all new maps as well. Perhaps some new functions too. We got some real top-notch coders and mappers in here...TerminX, Deeperthought, Nightfright, Plagman, William Gee, Hendricks, Parkar, I can go on and on. Frankly, I dont know of any team more deserving of getting a shot to do it, than the Eduke and HRP crews...and SP modders on this forum.

I for one would donate, and I bet a hell of a lot of other people would too.

Is this a silly idea?
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