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Re: linking "two" home networks with different IP ranges
You can't ping the 192.168.101.x devices from the 192.168.1.x devices using a switch because of subnet masking.

Make those other routers not do any router stuff; just make the wireless router a WAP and make the other router just act like a switch. You also need to then throw everything onto 192.168.1.x since Class C networks will only have 254 hosts max. So subet will only let computers with see each other, and can only see each other.

Using routers, though, you should be able to have them see each other. However, I do not have experience with linking networks in practice, only in theory, so I can't help you with hands on there.

You're also doing a home network, you have no reason not to use 192.168.1.x range of IP addresses. Just throw all your machines on that range. You're not gonna have more than 254 hosts in your home network after all, right?
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