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Re: What was the last game you played: New Era
Batman: Arkham Knight

Finished it, for the second time. Only this time I 100% it. Got the true ending... and really, playing it through with the latest update... this game is ******* amazing. The attention to detail, the small little moments.
And the overall story and pacing of the game is brilliant.

Still, the lack of "real" boss fights is a letdown, specially after the fantastic boss encounters in Arkham Origins.
And the forced Batmobile/Tank boss fights is just... meh.


It's hard to really "rank" the games. As each entry in the series is ******* fantastic. But... personally...

Arkham Asylum
Arkham Origins
Arkham Knight
Arkham City

And really, Origins beats out Knight simply because it has MUCH better boss fights, and Knight's over reliance on the Batmobile for even small things (Riddler Trophies and such).
But, again, each game is so ******* solid and great... saying one is better then the other is such a trivial matter.
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