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Re: The Jace Hall DNF Footage Thread
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I dont want to be pissy, but ill be seriously disappointed if we don't get to see more of the original Duke Nukem Forever designs(quake, unreal). I really to respect 3drealms for taking their time with the project, games to often go of on a tangent when they become big(cough**halo**cough ahem).

If you head on over to "" there is an amazing trailer of the original design. So when Duke Nukem Forever does come out it would be nice for George to go through some of the old Duke design and footage and say "ok, this is why I wanted to redo Duke, i know what you saw looks awesome, but this is why i felt it wasnt what I wanted to release..."

And no, im not hoping the original game will get released blah blah blah. I dont expect them to, they said they wont. To be honest, im just one of those guys who goes through the special features in movies and for me, Duke was a big part of my life, he kept me company through those teen yrs and kept me occupied making terrible levels on Sunday mornings after my paper round...So i just want to see everything there is to see OK!

Oh, on a side note, interesting the gametrailers link has the game at number random...
Maybe it's just me, but I'd rather they just finish DNF and ship it. I wouldn't lose sleep over the old builds being forgotten.
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