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Re: Alan Wake - Remedy\'s New Game
sentinel said:
Yes it does.
Look at that lighting. It's better than (Doom3-LightingxHL2-Lighting).

Take a look at that picture. And even better than that, that lighting is dynamic.
It certainly looks better than anything I've seen from UE3.
You'll specially like this coz it does seem to have that perfect balance of bloom-usage. Not more, not less ........ just perfect.

elloehpipati said:
<font color="red"> Brand new</font> never seen before trailer (hell im willing to bet the developers havent even seen it themselves ) here:

Wow ......... who made that?
Its extremely creative.

BTW is it just me or Alan looks a bit *cough* finnish.
Maybe thats coz you people took finnish people as references. Oh well its a Remedy-published game alright.
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