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Here I packed another one for you! You forgot the def folder with the config to see it in the menu.

Also you could add a guis folder if you need a loading pic ect but not needed now for this to work!

Anyway you can use this for now if you want at your download site to replace the other .exe one you got there and if you look at the dm_lota map (in the "map beta release" in this forum section) and how that is set up enternally that is how you can make yours in the future to include the guis and def and maps folders inside the .pk4 for the loading pic ect.

Also if you make a new version make sure you rename it to like bunkers1 or bunkersbeta1 then bunkersbeta2 then bunkersfinal so you avoid version coflicts!

I tried it and its pretty good for a first map!Add about 10 more playerstarts or spawnspots or whatever they call them in this editor so players dont spawn on top of each other!
kool thanks, but i didnt put anything into a pk4 file because i was only showing off the layout so far and didnt feel that the def and pk4 file was necessary. i included in the install that to play the map you could just type "map bunkers" into the console. multiple spawns, items, weapons, and such will be added much later when a online playable version is released. and thanks for all the info, making the final version should be much easier now when the time comes.

ill try and get a multiprey-able up as soon as i can.